Sunday, January 10, 2010

What I Thought was Awesome and What I Thought Was Different About Switzerland By Pearse

What was different :

There was only one snowboard shop in Grindelwald.

The bus schedule was messed up.

Our house was on a hill.

The language is German. Schneerose, our chalet name, means snow flower in German.

What I thought that was awesome about Switzerland :

Long trails for snowboarding! Woohoo!

Bussalp was the really really fun SLEDGING trail!

Good food (because made by mom). It was awesome that we could find the food.

Backdoor, the snowboarding shop, got all our stuff except my boots (the boots that I wore the whole time we ended up buying them because I was so used to them)

We had Internet the whole time!

We had a unforgettable Christmas and Christmas Eve if you saw the video.

I had my birthday at Switzerland

That's all… For now tatta

By Pearse