Saturday, September 5, 2009

End of 1st Week of School, Magnificent Horses and a Weezy Woosey Wife

It's feels as if God turned down the thermostat in Vienna. We awoke today to beautiful sunny skies and marvelous Fall temperatures. Ann is considering wearing "closed toe" shoes a sure sign that the heat wave of Austria is over!

The start of "schooling" was how shall we say "painful" for both parents and kids. We count the 2-3 times tables as completed and committed to the memory of the 8 year old. The slope, delta and rational numbers for the other 2 lads.....we'll get back to you on that score. The first field trips were a success, all permission slips acquired and we're pretty sure we all learned a few things. Suffice it to say the Hapsburg Dynasty had it "goin on" and as Pearse stated after our tour "that Napoleon guy really got around!"

Friday night was filled with expectation as we loaded onto the tram #37 and headed to St. Micheal's Platz and the home to the Winter Spanish Riding School. The Glavin kids and parents are excited to see the famous Lipizzaner Stallions in all their glory. Before the nights end new terms like "Work in Hand",'Pas De Deux", "Schools Above the Ground" and the famous choreographed finale the "School Quadrille" where 8 Lipizzaner Horses "Trot"," Canter" and otherwise amaze the rapt audience. A wonderfully enjoyable and memorable evening for team Glavin.

It is forbidden to take pictures of the show and beautiful building that houses the Winter Spanish Riding School during the show. Attached is the "Ugly American" bootlegged photo during the "Steps and Movements of the Classical School". The photographer is Ann G. and the ghosts of emperor's past sought vengeance on Ann. She had an allergic breakout to the horses that required a blast of steroids and blast of Claritan and many hours of lost sleep due to wheezing, coughing and watery eyes. Eamon asked "Was the lawbreaking picture worth it all, mom?"

Carpe' Diem

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Year Starts in Vienna-Oh NO!!

The sun is setting earlier, the leaves are getting that crisp look on their edges and the sweaters are emerging from the closets all over Vienna. It must be fall and we all know what that not football season unless you mean SOCCER here in Austria!! Are you kidding me?

Well Sept 1, 2009 is the start of the "school year" for, as our friend Mr. Lombardo would say, "the 3 Glavateers". We thought you'd appreciate knowing that the 3rd grade teacher and the high school student were late for their first day of school. Can you believe it? The principal of the school did not buy the excuse proffered by both"the u-bahn was late!" We are only hours into it but as you can see from the photo accompanying this blog, perhaps we "bit off more than we can chew." HELP!!!

We thought you'd appreciate some of the finer points of home schooling in the apartment in Vienna Austria:

  • The classroom occupies the same sq. footage as the cafeteria

  • We speak the only English in the building

  • Mom can't wait to teach "Human sex and sexuality" to the class, neither can dad.

  • Pearse wants to know "How often is recess?"

  • Can you really wake up, go to the bathroom, eat and be in class in 7 minutes? Ask Eamon

  • When was the last time a teacher said "move your books away from the stove?"

  • Pearse already decided to be mom's human alarm clock so dad doesn't teach him!

  • Does Haverford's cafeteria have real croissants, I don't think so.

  • When teacher isn't looking, Pearse plays "miniclip".

  • Seamus only has to go 1 room to get to 3rd grade classroom.

  • Can you do Math while someone is snoring?

  • Where is the school nurse's office? I don't feel well!

  • Some parents are already uncomfortable with the teachers for their kids.

  • Is crying on first day of school a bad thing?

  • Is there a difference between "home sick" and "home schooled"?

  • Can the first field trip be to the "Erotik Boutique", says Eamon? "It's only 3 tram stops away!"

  • We're still waiting on "Parent Permission Slips" for field trip due by Friday! See here

  • Are pajamas an acceptable dress code in the classroom?
  • Do trampolines count as Phys Ed?

And last but not least and my favorite:

  • "They better lock their bedroom door at night!" anonymous comment on bathroom wall!

We don't have a violence policy written for the school, do we Ann?

Carpe' Diem!