Thursday, September 10, 2009

Opera and Dad's Wrath? by Seamus

Last night the Glavin family went to the Opera - it was called The Barber of Seville. To get ready for this marvelous event we needed to do many things. Such as in the morning we read over the Opera so we could understand what was happening. Then we went to go and get hair cuts. I was the first one to go when we were getting haircuts. It was really scary because the girl who cut our hair barely understood English, who knew what I was going to get… maybe even a buzz cut. After haircuts we did our second real “workout”, then we took showers to get ready. The Opera is in Italian, so they had electronic screens right in front of you that said what they were singing in English. You will see more in the video. Today is my dad’s birthday, only god can’t help us from his wrath. He was arguing with Eamon about Facebook. Eamon said that my dad is very unreasonable.
Tune in tomorrow for Did Eamon Die?

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