Thursday, September 10, 2009

Culture ?????

The Opera and team Glavin. Can those words be in the same sentence? Yes, I know they can and I have the tickets to prove it. The kids were “spit shined” and ready for their introduction to the Opera World. The tram #37 was packed and with each stop the traditional “dress black” increased like a dark cloud of culture from one car to the next. The trolley was buzzing and the “Barber of Seville” was on everyone’s mind. Seamus in his normal “orange”, Pearse in his “green” and Eamon in his Under Armour “Red/Black” makes them easy to spot as they bandy up the Opera House stairs like the “iPod Color Splash” in this sea of black tuxedo’s and evening gowns. They know something special is in store for them tonight, it is palpable.

Camera flashes are everywhere as person after person wants to capture their visit to the Historic Vienna Opera House. The Glavin’s are no different. Eamon takes a picture of his mom and dad and proudly states: “Christmas Picture.” Statue after statue reminds us that we are literally in the seat of classical music. There is a life size statue of Mozart here and one of Strauss there. Ancient chandeliers hang in every room and the aged parquet wood floors are still scuffed from the Waltz of famous Heads of State from centuries past and present.

As the lights dim and the chime sounds we make our way to the “box” in the balcony. Pearse pumps his fist and says “we got a box” and reminds me that he likes watching sports in a “box”. I think here’s to hoping he feels the same when the next 120 minutes passes. There won’t be much in the way of “balls flying” or “pucks careening” but instead a famous story and I hope some familiar music. I laugh to myself as the overture begins to play…Isn’t that from Bugs Bunny?

Carpe Diem

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